HISTORYPassion One is a set of 3 display fonts aimed to composing titles in big sizes. It is classified as a Sans Serif. Its counterforms decrease as the passion increases! Please use them only for your most passionate thoughts and ideas. Passion One was designed by a company named FontStage and officially uploaded to the internet on July 22, 2013. FontStage is a group of independ Latin American type designers who create original fonts for the web and print industry. You can make your site original with Passion One.




SIZE: Scroll

Passion One Regular 112px

Passion One
Regular 90px

Passion One Regular 72px

Passion One Regular 48px

Passion One
Bold 112px

Passion One
Bold 90px

Passion One Bold 72px

Passion One Bold 48px

Passion One Black 112px

Passion One
Black 90px

Passion One
Black 72px

Passion One Black 48px


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