Art 210 / Digital Tools / Typography is the design, choice, and arrangement of printed letters in on a two-dimensional plane, in a sequence, or in motion graphics. You will learn and explore its methodologies through class exercises and assignments. As this course progresses, you will understand the cultural and aesthetic dimensions of the visible word. The knowledge of typography will play a substantial role in any future practice of effective design communication.

P1 / Form/Counterform

Prompt / *

P2 / Type Poster

Prompt / The poster is one of the oldest forms of graphic design. The main purpose is catching someone’s eye and advertising a product, service, or event. In this project you will be designing a few posters with the typography being the strong note.

P3 / Forecast App

Prompt / Digital media is a relativly new form compared to the printed book or poster. A designer working in the digital realm depends more on storytelling and mockups compared to final printed pieces. In this project you will be designing icons and prototypes for a forecasting app.

P4 / Proposal

Prompt / For this last project we shift gears away from code, to a workflow you might use working with a team of developers. You will be designing a multi-page website of your choice along with all the necessary peripherals to communicate your idea clearly to both your developers and your clients.