Art 270 / Typography / Typography is the design, choice, and arrangement of printed letters in on a two-dimensional plane, in a sequence, or in motion graphics. You will learn and explore its methodologies through class exercises and assignments. As this course progresses, you will understand the cultural and aesthetic dimensions of the visible word. The knowledge of typography will play a substantial role in any future practice of effective design communication.

TH / Type History

Prompt / For over five centuries, type designers have been crafting the tools we know as typefaces. Each typeface conveys a mood, or personality. Most carry with them a rich history we want to begin to explore in this series of presentations.

P1 / Expressive Type

Prompt / Words convey meaning. That much is obvious, what you may not realize is that the way words are set can enhance that meaning. The size, styling and arragement of the letters have power to influence our communication.

P2 / Type Revival

Prompt / To understand typography it is vital to know it’s history. This project takes a deep dive as we examine existing historical letterforms up close. Apply the new found knowledge as we create our own type system in one of the main seven type classifications.

P3 / Typography Poster

Prompt / The poster is one of the oldest forms of graphic design. The main purpose is catching someone’s eye and advertising a product, service, or event. In this project you will be designing a few posters with the typography being the strong note.

P4 / The Shape of Design

Prompt / Letters form words, words form sentences, which turn into paragraphs. Laying out a book, setting the grid and type styles, deals with the full scope of working with typography. in this project you will explore hierarchy, and control a reading experience.