Bifur is my digital interpretation of the classic analog Art Deco font of the same name. Bifur was designed by A. M. Cassandre and released in 1929 by Deberny and Peignot of Paris. The font is remarkable for its visually exciting two-tone Art Deco look and dramatic simplification of the letterforms. Historically produced in variety of 1- and 2-color versions, I’ve re-created Bifur as a set of six fonts which can be combined in layers to easily create high-resolution text graphics. At long last, I’m offering this as a set of opentype fonts. You can use Bifur Classic or Classic Bold alone as a 1-color font. Or combine Part 1, the solid part of the Classic style, with Part 2 as light or dark stripes or solid in a contrasting color. This font has the limited character set of the original. Pair it with another Deco or geometric font for longer text and greater legibility.