Not the Quicksand you're thinking about.

This quicksand is the name for a display sans serif type with rounded terminals created by Andrew Paglinawan. Although this type was initiated back in 2008, the type has remained timeless for designers. Designed for display purposes but kept legible enough to use in small sizes as well, it was also recently revised by Thomas Jockin in 2016 to improve the quality. Quicksand is popular mainly in the United States and Japan. The font is also featured in more than 610,000 websites. Andrew Paglinawan is a graphic designer and has spent his time designing marketing promotions such as logos, brochures, and letterheads for companies. The Quicksand font is not the only type Andrew has created, but he is also the creator of Pagli Roman (2008), Chiq (2011), and Bright Grotesk (2013). To find more of his work, feel free to find Andrew on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.






Althought the style is simple, the Quicksand speciman has sufficient characters that will enable you to write in different languages.


Quicksand comes in 4 simple styles that can be used in many different ways. These 4 styles start from Light, Regular, Medium and Bold.

LIGHT ABCČĆDĐEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSŠTUVWXYZŽ abcčćdđefghijklmnopqrsštuvwxyzž ĂÂÊÔƠƯăâêôơư 1234567890 '?'"!"(%)[#]{@}/&\<-+÷×=>®©$€£¥¢:;,.*

REGULAR ABCČĆDĐEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSŠTUVWXYZŽabcčćdđefghijklmnopqrsštuvwxyzžĂÂÊÔƠƯăâêôơư1234567890'?'"!"(%)[#]{@}/&\<-+÷×=>®©$€£¥¢:;,.*

MEDIUM ABCČĆDĐEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSŠTUVWXYZŽabcčćdđefghijklmnopqrsštuvwxyzžĂÂÊÔƠƯăâêôơư1234567890'?'"!"(%)[#]{@}/&\<-+÷×=>®©$€£¥¢:;,.*

BOLD ABCČĆDĐEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSŠTUVWXYZŽabcčćdđefghijklmnopqrsštuvwxyzžĂÂÊÔƠƯăâêôơư1234567890'?'"!"(%)[#]{@}/&\<-+÷×=>®©$€£¥¢:;,.*


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