Art 411 / Publication Design / This studio class explores the world of publication design through the branding and creation of a magazine. we will be exploring complex typographic systems for page and screen, including grid structures, comprehensive style sheets, and complex compositional structures. The project spans the semester broken down into several parts to make the process easier.

Part 1 / In this assignment, you will create the logotype for a new general interest magazine. You are to design a logotype that is visually distinct, and imbued with the values and nature of your magazine’s editorial content and design direction.

Part 2 / Magazines are designed as flexible systems that can house content that changes issue to issue in the same recognizable format. We will be designing the magazine that we previously branded. An easy entry into the design and layout of a magazine is through the creation of several single page departments.

Part 3 / The features make up the heart of the magazine. They are your chance to really experiment and push the bounds of your typography, styles and grid structure. The features are an opportunity to create enjoyable reading experiences with longer bodies of text.

Part 4 / Sweat the details. Finish out the magazine with a table of contents, other front of book material, and a closing page. Take this opportunity to revisit and refine the rest of your magazine. Ensure that all the various pieces still present a unified voice to the reader.