Art 444 / Design Methods / Students explore experimental and traditional approaches to typography and custom lettering in the context of design, art, and theory. Class projects and subjects encompass a wide variety of technical and conceptual approaches to the letter arts, including typeface design exercises, experiments in conceptual lettering, and real-world applications.

P1 / Modular Type

Prompt / From modernist experiments to bitmap fonts, an alphabet created from a limited palette of shapes is a common and useful exercise. This project gives you a very tight system in which you can explore creating your own system of letter design.

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P2 / Material Type

Prompt / As a group you will be making a large scale type mural using non-traditional materials. Each design decision impacts the the story that your work visually tells. In this project consider how the type style, the materials, and the written phrase all effect the communication of the project.

P3 / Motion Type

Prompt / A type specimen is usually a publication that showcases a typeface. Designers use them to see the various features, and to decide if they want to use that typeface. For this project students design a single page, long-scroll, type specimen.

P4 / Lettering Daily

Prompt / For this last project we shift gears away from code, to a workflow you might use working with a team of developers. You will be designing a multi-page website of your choice along with all the necessary peripherals to communicate your idea clearly to both your developers and your clients.