Art 370 / Web for Designers / This studio class explores the world of web design from the perspective of a graphic designer. We will explore the design methods and techniques of a modern graphic designer working in web development, brainstorming methodology, working with design flats and mockups, and integrating external web resources.

P1 / CodePen Sketches

Prompt / The quickest way to overcome your fear of coding is to code. This project consists of a small coding "sketches" created each week using CodePen. Each sketch should show your experimentation with CSS or HTML you've never used before.

P2 / Design Reading

Prompt / The web has always been a warehouse of knowledge. It is the role of the designer to convey and accentuate that information without getting in the way. In this project students craft a clear, enjoyable reading experience using TypeCast.

P3 / Type Speciman

Prompt / A type specimen is usually a publication that showcases a typeface. Designers use them to see the various features, and to decide if they want to use that typeface. For this project students design a single page, long-scroll, type specimen.

P4 / Final Project

Prompt / For this last project we shift gears away from code, to a workflow you might use working with a team of developers. You will be designing a multi-page website of your choice along with all the necessary peripherals to communicate your idea clearly to both your developers and your clients.